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Nancy Chakrin Fine Art & Photography

“I hope that all of my work provides a tranquil response, ignites conversation

and serves as a catalyst to encourage wellness practices.”

Nancy is a joyful, creative and resourceful Minneapolis artist who has reinvented her life several times in award-winning careers in painting, graphic design, videography, print brokering, book publishing and photography. 

A Minnesota native, Nancy lived in Cambridge, England for a year after college.  For over 25 years she lived on the East Coast of the United States near Philadelphia and Upstate New York. In 1996, Nancy returned to Minnesota.

Nancy comes from a family of artists – including her uncle William Saltzman, a distinguished multi-media artist. 

While healing from breast cancer in 2000, Nancy cultivated an expanded interest in the arts and began to prolifically create landscape and waterscape oil paintings along with producing Giclees and exhibiting in galleries. Nancy’s painting style was influenced by the Hudson River School, a mid-19th century American art movement featuring radiant, majestic, peaceful landscapes. 

Nancy exhibits regularly in educational institutions and health and wellness centers throughout the Midwest—and wherever else she may be invited! Her artwork is collected internationally and found in corporate collections.

With great exuberance, Nancy’s photography assignments capture images of luminaries of our time—with compassion, joy, grace and humor. Polar explorer Ann Bancroft, CNN’s David Gergen and Van Jones, Drs. Andrew Weil and Deepak Chopra, and His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama are just a few of those blessed by Nancy’s keen eye and camera lens.

True to character, Nancy convinced world-renowned scientist/teacher and Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) founder Jon Kabat-Zinn PhD to be photographed by her in a Minnesota Gopher hat (with braids!).

As Co-Founder of BreathLogic, Nancy has juggled her many roles to include video production for the COVID tutorials and Zoom series entitled: 21 Days to Change Your Breath & Change Your Life. She was also production coordinator and photography manager for the book Breath Is Life as well as coordinator of the pre-launch for the book.

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