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21 Days to Change Your Breath
and Change Your Life

Video Replays

Watch the replays of these 5-minute Zoom calls with author and Breath Master, Laurie Ellis-Young.

This workshop series began February 2nd and ended February 22nd, 2022.

Week One Focus:  Breath Awareness

Invitation to Attend these FREE 21 Online Sessions

February 2nd, Day 1

February 3rd, Day 2

February 4th, Day 3

February 5th, Day 4

February 6th, Day 5

February 7th, Day 6

February 8th, Day 7

Week Two Focus:  Better Breathing

February 9th, Day 8

February 10th, Day 9

February 11th, Day 10

February 12th, Day 11

February 13th, Day 12

February 14th, Day 13

February 15th, Day 14

February 16th, Day 15

February 17th, Day 16

February 18th, Day 17

February 19th, Day 18

February 20th, Day 19

February 21th, Day 20

February 22nd, Day 21

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