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Breath Coaching

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Changing the world through the power of breath
by teaching people how to breathe better and together

Live Your Life at a Whole New Level with BreathLogic Coaching

Leverage the Extraordinary Power in Your Ordinary Breath with
Master Breath Instructor Laurie Ellis-Young & Her Team of Talented Instructors


Increase Physical, Mental, & Emotional Resiliency     

“Flow” with Life’s Ups & Downs

Experience greater Peace & Health more often, as a state of BEing

Three coaching options for individuals and one group coaching option available.

Coaching Options for Individuals


Breath Basics
  • One Hour Session by Zoom

Laurie Ellis-Young, BreathLogic's Master Breath Instructor will customize an approach for you to learn the basics of Breath Literacy and BLIPPs (Breath Literacy’s Instant Power Practices).

Breath Basics is a great choice to learn the basics and tap into top-quality breathwork in a personalized, efficient experience.

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Breathe For Change
  • One Hour Session by Zoom
  • Five 20-Minute Follow-up Sessions

Laurie Ellis-Young will take you beyond Breath Basics by customizing breath practices to address your individual needs and goals.

BreathLogic's most popular coaching option! Breathe For Change follow-up sessions give you additional time and practice to integrate the gifts of breath into your life.

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Breathe For Life
  • One Hour Session by Zoom
  • Eight 20-Minute Follow-up Sessions
  • Two Specialized 60-90 Minute Sessions by BreathLogic Experts on Life or    Professional Skills

Laurie Ellis-Young will take you beyond Breathe For Change with additional customized breath practices to address your specific needs and goals.

IN ADDITION, you will receive coaching from other BreathLogic experts in areas such as 
public speaking, leadership and career skills or conflict resolution. 

BreathLogic's premier coaching option for those ready to make real changes to improve their physical and emotional health for life.

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To learn more about our expert instructors, click on each pdf.


Debby Magnuson
Career/Life Transition Coaching


Dr. Roseanna Ross
Conflict Resolution Coaching

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Marlene Johnson
Public Speaking Coaching

Coaching Options for Groups

Small Group Breath Coaching

Small Group Breath Coaching
  • Four 60-Minute Weekly Sessions by Zoom
  • Minimum 4 people
  • Maximum 8 people
  • Start dates published as new groups form
$375 per person

BreathLogic Co-founder/Master Breath Instructor, Laurie Ellis-Young and BreathLogic Instructor/Certified Coach Debby Magnuson teach important breath practices to

  • reduce stress

  • help you sleep better

  • strengthen your immune system

  • create inner and outer peace

Groups are kept small to assure individual attention and help you learn while leveraging the synergy of others who are sharing your life-changing breathwork journey.


BreathLogic Certified Instructors share breathing techniques for rest and relaxation. 

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