How is Breath Literacy connected to world peace?

World Peace

world  noun

the earth, together with all of its countries, peoples, societies, institutions and natural features.

peace noun

freedom from disturbance; tranquility.


a state or period in which there is no war or a war has ended.

World peace: a state wherein the earth and its inhabitants live healthfully and harmoniously

Everyone thrives!

The Breath Literacy - Peace Connection

The quality of our breath directly impacts the quality of our life. Living in a stressed or suffering state causes dis-ease, often resulting in physical and mental disease.

These unhealthy states, are usually accompanied by a sense of fear and lack  which increases self-obsession, disinterest in the wellbeing of others and the world in general.   

When we learn how to use the power of our breath to deal with life's challenges, we can literally breathe easier. Breathing easier allows us to live in a beautiful, non-stressful state.

Living in a beautiful state enables us to

be healthier, happier and enjoy inner peace. When we have inner peace we are more compassionate and care about the wellbeing of others. 


Caring for others' wellbeing and taking actions to improve their lives makes the world a better place and contributes to world peace.

Every person's breath contributes

to world peace.

Let's breathe better and  together!

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Disclaimer: The practices listed on this website and taught in our workshops, presentations and retreats have many benefits

for one's mind, body and spirit health. These practices are not meant to replace medical attention. Please seek your doctor’s advice before

engaging in breathing practices and or starting specific exercises if you have chronic or recurring conditions such as:

high blood pressure, neck or back pain, arthritis, heart disease, dizziness, or other limitations.

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