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Breathing Tutorials

Breathing Exercises Support Healthy Lungs 

Rosa Marroquin Summary Video.png

Dr. Rosa Marroquin, MD, medical advisor to BreathLogic, shares the importance

of a daily breathing practice. She discusses COVID-19, panic attacks, anxiety and

using breath to lower blood pressure.

How can my breath

change my outlook on life?

The Sun Breath.PNG

Breathing in Sunshine

with Karyn Fulton

How can I release pain

and find peace?


BIP BOP (Breathe In Peace - Breathe Out Pain) with Debby Magnuson

How can I do my best

when I am so stressed?

Alternate Nostril Breathing.PNG

Alternate Nostril Breathing

with Debby Magnuson

How can I use my breath  

to sleep better?

Trouble Falling Asleep.PNG

The Relaxation Breath

with Marlene Johnson

How does my breathing

impact my health?

The Power of Breath.PNG

The Power of Breath & Lung Health

Laurie Ellis-Young & Dr. Rosa Marroquin

How is laughter

the best medicine?

Laughter is the Best Medicine.PNG

Laughter is the Best Medicine

with Laurie Ellis-Young & Bonnie Berquam

How can I breathe easier

through my mask?

mask breathing tips video screenshot

Mask Breathing Tips by

Dr. Kelly Brouwer

How can I increase

my lung capacity?

Heart Breath Tutorial.PNG

The Heart Breath

with Roseanna Ross

How can I improve my respiratory system?

Belly Breathing.PNG

Maximizing Your Oxygen Intake

with Debby Magnuson

Why should I care about healthy lungs?

Healthy Lungs

healthy adjective

indicative of, conducive to, or promoting good health.

not diseased; normal, natural and desirable.

lungs  noun

for animals and humans: a pair of breathing organs located with the chest which remove carbon dioxide from and bring oxygen to the blood. 

for the planet earth: living trees which remove carbon dioxide from the air and release oxygen for animals and humans to breathe.


healthy lungs for all:  an abundance of trees on the planet to provide plenty of oxygen for animals and humans to breathe and live healthfully.


Trees make life possible.

Thank you mother nature!

Did you know?

Trees are the Lungs of our Planet

While BreathLogic's humanitarian cause is to teach breath literacy and advocate world peace, our "planetarian" cause is

Rainforest Preservation and Reforestation

BreathLogic is in the process of fostering partnerships with

nonprofits dedicated to rainforest preservation and reforestation.

COVID-19 Heroes

To all the heroes in the world,

thank you for your skills, talents and dedication to doing your jobs.

We know this is a difficult time for

everyone and wearing masks sometimes makes doing your job harder.

Committed to teaching the world how to breathe better, BreathLogic shares

free COVID-19 breathing tutorial videos in dedication to your service and to those you serve every day.

Thank you!

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