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World Peace Program

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Changing the world through the power of breath
by teaching people how to breathe together and better

World Peace

World peace begins with inner peace


Learn how to increase your inner peace to create world peace:

  • Impact of self awareness, body awareness and intuition

  • Nurture peaceful relationships with others

  • Peaceful being and actions


Co-developed and facilitated by BreathLogic Instructors Debby Magnuson and Marlene Johnson. 

BreathLogic’s three-part Peace Program, “From Inner to Outer Peace” is based on our belief that one person can make a difference in creating a more peaceful world. And it starts right here, within each of us. These three sessions provide a powerful experience of mindful exploration, learning peaceful ways of being and acting and learning breathing practices that instill a serene and peaceful state of being.

Session 1:  Finding Inner Peace

We begin the journey to a more peaceful life by finding peace within ourselves. We will discover the impacts of self-awareness, body awareness and intuition on our ability to find and maintain a peaceful state of mind. We will also dig into what happens when we get “hooked” by our emotions (a.k.a. amygdala hijack) and how we can breathe our way back to a more serene, peaceful state.


Session 2:  Connecting with Others through Outer Peace

Just as you can find peace within, you can also nurture and maintain peaceful relationships with others. This session is not about changing other people (good luck with that!). It is about listening through the lens of peace and learning the skills of compassionate communication to create more loving and peaceful everyday interactions with your family, friends, colleagues and community.


Session 3: Making a Peaceful Difference in the World

Every one of us can generate more peace in the world through our peaceful being and actions. It starts with each of us finding peace within. Then, like a pebble in a pond, peace radiates out through compassionate communication and calm, courageous and intentional acts that impact communities, cities, states, nations and throughout the world. It must start somewhere, let it begin with me.



Before the pandemic, all of our programs were taught in-person.

Now, we are developing our World Peace program so it can be taught online across the globe. Your donations make this possible.

Thank you!

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