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Upcoming Events

New Retreats & Trainings with BreathLogic Co-Founder
Laurie Ellis-Young now available!

Breath Is Life:

The Why, Wow and How Breath

Is Your Superpower

January  25 - February 1, 2025 

Arkansas Gardens Experience and

Breath Is Life Training

Dates to be determined

A message from Laurie

“I feel these trainings are unique and special. I have been honing these teachings for over 30 years, learning how to reach yoga teachers & students, medical personnel, patients, educators, elders, students from K-post grad, homemakers, executives, office workers, athletes, UN personnel, girls rescued from brothels, peace workers, veterans and people dealing with direct trauma, secondary trauma, and stress in walks of life, everywhere.

I want to pass on “Breath Literacy” and how to share maximum amount of material (that can change people’s breath and people’s lives) in the minimum amount of time. Voilà! ‘The Power of Breath’ workshop combined with wisdom and knowledge in “Breath Is Life,” and BLIPPs (Breath Literacy’s Instant Power Practices).”

Breath Literacy = the wisdom and knowledge of how to breathe optimally,

moment by moment, breath by breath, and in circumstances all throughout life.  

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