Community Outreach

Traveling Exhibits


Traveling Exhibits open doors for BreathLogic to teach wellness/stretching and breathing techniques to healthcare workers and their communities throughout the Upper Midwest.


During the quest to produce their book Friendship: The Art of the Practice (Tristan Publishing), Nancy and her yogini model, Laurie Ellis-Young, were compelled to explore volcanoes, jungles, mountains, oceans, national parks and cityscapes all in the pursuit of showing the synergy between yoga and friendship.

Many of the photographs in the exhibits are based upon the book, featuring friendship quotations and women, ages 10-100 in partner and solo yoga poses.

These inspiring photography exhibits have been featured in over 35 medical and educational centers in Minnesota, Wisconsin and South Dakota.

Lunch 'n Learns and workshops often accompany these exhibits and are taught by BreathLogic instructors.

These exhibits are sponsored by Nancy Chakrin Fine Art & Photography and profits support BreathLogic. 

"I found great peace taking a break and just walking down the corridor and standing in front of Laurie doing these marvelous yoga poses in beautiful nature settings. I might stand there and just breathe with Laurie.  

Just knowing the calming manner of Laurie’s teachings and endearing friendships she creates brought me such joy. I could then go back to work and handle the next crises. I loved having this exhibit at Regions Hospital." 

   --   Elise Haupt, NP Regions Hospital