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MN Give to the Max Day is Today!

Please help us reach our $20,000 goal

to continue supporting Ukrainian psychologists and refugees.

In February, the war in Ukraine will begin its third year. The destruction and devastation continues and so does the ongoing trauma. The exhaustion is palpable and touches every Ukrainian - no matter where they have taken refuge or whether they are fighting on the front lines.


Now, more than ever, they need support and tools to help them cope with the atrocities of the war, the loss of loved ones, homes, communities and culture — and the grief of it all. 

BreathLogic co-founder Laurie Ellis-Young and her husband, George T. Ellis, Psy.D, have a heart connection with Ukraine and her people, having lived and worked in Kiev from 2016-2021.


They wrote much of their internationally award-winning book Breath Is Life: Taking In and Letting Go, How to Live Well, Love Well and BE Well, while Dr. George was hired by (OSCE) Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe to set up a mental health program for “peace monitors” and staff working throughout Ukraine.

When the war started, Laurie and Dr. George supported many of the Ukrainian psychologists by providing individual and group online sessions, teaching breathing techniques to address stress and trauma.


In September last year, they held a weeklong in-person training, sharing more advanced techniques for those psychologists who could travel to Cyprus. Laurie and Dr. George continue online Resilience Training sessions for Ukrainian psychologists to this day. 

Co-Founder Laurie Ellis-Young shares words of encouragement to
Ukrainian psychologists and breath trainers after receiving training certification.
How changing the life of one person can change the lives of many!

Ukrainian psychologist, Oksana Ruda, Ph.D., and Ukrainian refugee, Iryna, Petrus are two examples of people whose lives have been dramatically changed by learning BreathLogic's breathing techniques.


Immediately upon finishing one of Laurie and Dr. George's workshops, Dr. Ruda began training fellow psychologists and refugees. She witnesses the powerful results of teaching these techniques daily and is anxious to learn more.  

Iryna Petrus, a Ukrainian refugee who fled to the US with her young daughter, now provides help to other Ukrainian refugees at the Ukrainian American Community Center in Minneapolis, MN.


She is grateful for the breathing techniques BreathLogic has taught her already and uses them daily to help fellow refugees. She is ready to expand her learning to provide even greater support.

In January 2024, Laurie will lead a weeklong in-person advanced training program in Guatemala.


BreathLogic is raising funds during this year's Give to the Max campaign to send Oksana and Iryna and others like them to this training. 

May we count on your donation?

Helping People from Youth to Seniors Around the Globe

BreathLogic teaches people how to breathe and live better by providing:

  • workshops

  • online programs

  • individual coaching

  • group coaching


BreathLogic helps people suffering with:

  • anxiety, stress, depression

  • other mental health conditions

  • sinus problems

  • shortness of breath

  • other respiratory conditions


BreathLogic makes it possible for people to

"Find the power of their own breath"


This important and life-changing work is made possible

by your generous donations


MN Give to the Max is BreathLogic's primary fundraiser each year and we are counting

on YOU to keep the Power of Breath flowing in our local communities,

across the country and throughout the world!


Gifts of any amount are welcome!


To donate by check, make payable to BreathLogic and mail to

13033 Ridgedale Drive, Suite 148, Minnetonka, MN 55305

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Every dollar counts! 
Your tax-deductible donations will help BreathLogic reach its goal of raising $20,000 during this year's Give to the Max campaign.  

As we know, changing the life of one person can change the lives of many!


Thank you!

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BreathLogic's mission is to teach Breath Literacy locally and globally, alleviate suffering

and expand world peace.


BreathLogic's vision is for humanity

to breathe together and create a 
world of wellness and peace for all.

a 501(c)(3) nonprofit dedicated to breath literacy and world peace
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