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If ever there was a time the world needed to learn
how to breathe better and together, that time is now.

Join us for this upcoming event!

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Co-Founders Nancy Chakrin & Laurie Ellis-Young
A heartfelt thank you to all those who have made it possible for BreathLogic to teach thousands of people around the globe how to breathe better and together!
Over the past ten years, we've encountered some very interesting challenges — like running a nonprofit from two different countries (before Zoom was invented!), personal health issues, a global pandemic and the war on Ukraine. 

We've come through these challenges by being blessed with so many wonderful and talented volunteers who've served on our board and by all the professionals and individuals who support our mission.

Since 2013, thousands of people have benefited from hundreds of national and international workshops, classes and presentations provided by BreathLogic team members in schools, universities, corporations, hospitals, clinics, senior centers, community centers and more. These instructors continue to provide education on breathing techniques to people around the globe — and we are grateful!

We're also grateful to Laurie and Dr. George for their weekly counseling of Ukrainian psychologists since the start of the war and the Professional Development Training they provided for the psychologists in Cyprus last fall. The coping and breathing techniques Laurie and Dr. George teach are essential for helping these psychologists deal with their personal war traumas, as well as the traumas of their clients. 

The Ukrainian psychologists have requested additional in-person Professional Development Training sessions in Europe this spring. So, in celebration of our 10-year anniversary, we are asking for your help. Would you please consider making a $10 donation?

In deep gratitude,

Laurie and Nancy

$9,000 Raised During MN Give to the Max!

Many thanks for the generous donations during MN Give to the Max!

We are grateful to have had such wonderful support for our primary annual fundraiser. 

Of course, you can donate anytime!

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Changing the world through the power of breath 
by teaching people how to breathe better and together


BreathLogic's mission is to teach Breath Literacy locally and globally, alleviate suffering

and expand world peace.


BreathLogic's vision is for humanity

to breathe together and create a 
world of wellness and peace for all.

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