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90-Minute Virtual Workshop

Care for Yourself, Care for Ukraine
Take a Break. Take a Breath. Change Your Life.
Join a Peace Prayer for Ukraine

Saturday, March 26, 2022 
10:00 am - 11:30 am CST

Has life in our uncertain world left you:

  • feeling overwhelmed?

  • stressed out?

  • with little or no energy?

  • sleep-deprived? 

  • wishing you could “flow” more easily and joyfully with life’s ups and downs?

If so, we invite you to Take a Break. Take a Breath. Change Your Life!

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Join Master Breath Instructor Laurie Ellis-Young and BreathLogic Instructor and Coach Debby Magnuson for this 90-minute Virtual Workshop that will help you change your life!

Laurie Ellis-Young and her husband George T. Ellis, PsyD, lived in Ukraine for over 4 years. Dr. George was evacuated just days before the Russian invasion. Many of their friends have been fleeing the country since then.

With the stress surrounding the war, ever present and weighing heavy on everyone's hearts, Laurie and Debby decided to include a powerful Peace Prayer for Ukraine in this upcoming workshop. 


You will learn quick, effective BLIPPs (Breath Literacy’s Instant Power Practices) that in a "blip of time" can relax and refocus your body and mind for reduced stress, better sleep, more energy and a revitalized spirit. And you will participate in a powerful peace prayer for Ukraine.

In just 90 minutes, you’ll walk away with techniques that will benefit you for a lifetime. 


Give yourself the gifts of being present with your breath by registering today!


Laurie Ellis-Young, MTC, SYT, has a mission and vision of sharing the extraordinary power in our ordinary breath with the world. This passion led her to many teachers and disciplines. Laurie is founding director of Breathe the Change LLC, and co-founder of nonprofit, BreathLogic. She is co-author with her husband, George T. Ellis PsyD, of the book Breath Is Life: TAKING IN and LETTING GO, How to Live Well, Love Well and BE Well.

Debby Magnuson, MA, CPCC, has had a long career as a certified executive coach, leadership consultant, speaker and author. In 2020, Debby trained with Laurie Elllis-Young to be a BreathLogic Instructor. She serves on the BreathLogic Board of Directors and is enjoying a new career sharing “The Power of Breath” locally and globally.

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