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MN Give to the Max

Donate now through November 17th and help us reach our $15,000 goal!

Just Breathe . . . 

Reduce Anxiety, Manage Stress and Achieve Daily Calm

Did you know that you have an amazing superpower within you RIGHT NOW that can bring more peace and calm into your life every day? Can help you live healthier? Can even erase current ailments you may be experiencing?


This superpower is not a new fad - it is simply the power of your breath! Yes, your breath holds incredible power, capable of improving your physical, mental and emotional health. When you learn to breathe deeply, intentionally and mindfully, you can tap into that amazing power.

There are many ancient techniques from Eastern traditional medicine that have been passed down over thousands of years. For instance, deep breathing (belly breathing with long exhales) expands your lungs and increases the capacity of the body to bring in healthful oxygen and expel carbon dioxide and other toxins.


Deep breathing became impossible for many survivors of the COVID pandemic. This awareness has reinforced the importance of breath, now more than ever.


One woman shares her story:

Having contracted severe COVID in 2021, Cherryl spent 2 months on a ventilator in a COVID-induced coma. Her medical team gave her a 5% chance of survival and said she would never breathe without supplemental oxygen.


Luckily, during her recovery, Cherryl connected with expert BreathLogic coaches and began practicing BreathLogic’s deep breathing techniques. Today, Cherryl’s energy and quality of daily life is outstanding, and her lung capacity continues to grow. She is looking forward to breathing completely on her own someday.

Give the Gift of Breath

BreathLogic teaches people how to breathe and live better by providing:

  • workshops

  • online programs

  • individual coaching

  • group coaching


BreathLogic helps people suffering with:

  • anxiety, stress, depression

  • other mental health conditions

  • sinus problems

  • shortness of breath

  • other respiratory conditions

BreathLogic makes it possible for people to

"Find the power of their own breath"


This important and life-changing work is made possible

by your generous donations


MN Give to the Max is BreathLogic's primary fundraiser each year and we are counting

on YOU to keep the Power of Breath flowing in our local communities,

across the country and throughout the world!


Gifts of any amount are welcome!


To donate by check, make payable to BreathLogic and mail to

13033 Ridgedale Drive, Suite 148, Minnetonka, MN 55305

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Every dollar counts! 
Your tax deductible donations help BreathLogic fulfill its mission to provide global Breath Literacy and advocate world peace. 

Your donations will help fund additional tutorial videos and development of our BLIPPs, Peace and The Power of Breath Programs for teaching online across the globe.

Thank you!

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Changing the world through the power of breath
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by teaching people to breathe better and together


BreathLogic's mission is to teach Breath Literacy locally and globally, alleviate suffering

and expand world peace.


BreathLogic's vision is for humanity

to breathe together and create a 
world of wellness and peace for all.

a 501(c)(3) nonprofit dedicated to breath literacy and world peace
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