Laurie Ellis Young, MTC, CYT

Laurie Ellis-Youngis jump-up-and-down, head-over-heels passionate that in our ordinary breath, we have access to extraordinary power. Through BreathLogic she wants to share this knowledge with the world.

As a teenager practicing yoga in the early 1970’s, Laurie first became aware of the importance of breath. This interest led her to many teachers, yogic disciplines and breathing practices such as: Pranayama, Qigong, Tai Chi and Flute-playing. In the 80’s she began trekking in the high Himalayan & Andes mountains; later leading groups.

  • The mountains taught her the necessity of oxygen for energy and clear thinking. (Let’s bring this knowledge into schools and institutions of learning!)
  • Overcoming fears of public speaking and scuba diving impressed upon her the reliability of breathing practices for empowerment and relaxation. (Let’s bring this knowledge everywhere people are discouraged or stressed!)
  • Over forty years of studies, personal practices, and experiences working with diverse populations on five continents convince her breath practices transform people’s lives. (Let’s develop “Breath Literacy” programs for everyone who breathes: children to elders, and implement them in centers of medicine, healthcare, education, corporations and NGOs!)

A yoga teacher, mindfulness (MBSR)instructor, SHIFT Peace Ambassador, author and presenter, Laurie feels our breath is the key to cultivating the inner peace that leads to outer peace. As trees are “the lungs of the planet” projects dear to her heart are preservation of the rainforest and reforestation. 

Laurie is a published author, with another book coming out soon (purchase her book on Amazon). With bases in Minneapolis, Minnesota and Lake Atitlan, Guatemala, Laurie lives with her husband George  in Kiev, Ukraine.