Laurie Ellis-YoungLaurie Ellis Young, MTC, CYT

Originally from Mitchell, SD, Laurie is an internationally recognized speaker, yoga teacher, SHIFT peace ambassador, group facilitator and pioneer in breathwork as an empowering and healing modality. As co-founder of BreathLogic and founding director of Breathe The Change, she is realizing her vision of breath awareness and wellness practices being implemented and taught in corporations, schools, universities and organizations all around the globe. Laurie’s vision and passion for bringing breath awareness to the masses will be accomplished in a variety of ways including writing curriculum, breath awareness products, and teaching/training in schools, medical facilities and corporations.

Laurie has been practicing, studying and teaching yoga, breath work, mind/body therapies and wellbeing techniques from both ancient and contemporary traditions for over 40 years. She draws from experiences of having traveled in over 60 countries, leading groups to 20 countries and teaching diverse populations on 5 continents.

Laurie lives with her husband, George, in Saudi Arabia and returns often to the Midwest.