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Friendship, Traveling Exhibits and Community Outreach

Updated: Jan 2

Friendship between BreathLogic co-founders Laurie Ellis-Young and Nancy Chakrin was the inspiration for their book

Friendship: The Art of the Practice (Tristan Publishing).

During the quest to produce their book, Nancy and her yogini model, Laurie Ellis-Young, were compelled to explore volcanoes, jungles, mountains, oceans, national parks and cityscapes all in the pursuit of showing the synergy between yoga and friendship.

This beautiful book makes a lovely gift and is for sale here.

Traveling Exhibits open doors for BreathLogic to teach wellness/stretching and breathing techniques to healthcare workers, seniors and others in communities throughout the Upper Midwest.

Many of the photographs in the exhibits are based upon Nancy and Laurie's book, Friendship: The Art of the Practice, featuring friendship quotations and women, ages 10-100 in partner and solo yoga poses.

These inspiring photography exhibits have been featured in nearly 40 medical, educational and senior centers in Minnesota, Wisconsin and South Dakota.

Lunch 'n Learns and workshops often accompany these exhibits and are taught by BreathLogic instructors.

These exhibits are sponsored by Nancy Chakrin Fine Art & Photography and profits help support BreathLogic.  If you'd like an exhibit in your community, contact

Community Outreach

In 2023, BreathLogic celebrated its 10-year anniversary. Over the years, BreathLogic has provided hundreds of workshops and classes to thousands of people of all ages and all walks of life. To read more about our outreach in communities, click here.

BreathLogic has also fostered wonderful partnerships with other nonprofit organizations such as The Power of People, Girls Taking Action, Ukrainian American Community Center and American Service in Ukraine.

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