Our vision is to deliver optimal breathing methods to everyone who wants to learn. 

How do we achieve this? Program revenue – combined with donations from individuals and organizations – provide resources for our trainers to deliver free workshops and presentations to those who will benefit most from learning the power of optimal breathing, particularly children and the disabled.

Key industries of application:

  1. Medical Industry Organizations
  2. Schools, Universities and Teachers
  3. Corporations and Businesses

“Educating the mind without educating the heart is no education at all.”
– Aristotle

The Brain, the Breath & the Heart

The Brain, the Breath & the Heart (BBH) is an innovative curriculum that integrates the evidence-based benefits of mindfulness, SEL, peace studies, the latest in neuroscience psychology, and the practices of “Breath Literacy.” The program promotes optimal learning, academic achievement, heightened personal wellbeing, and a productive, happy and healthy environment.

As medicine has become integrative, education is also treating the “whole person.” Studies have shown this:

  • promotes healthy relationships
  • heightens executive functions and creativity skills
  • helps to establish a calm, peaceful yet energized environment
  • mitigates bullying in schools
  • augments professional and academic performance

In developing this program we understand that people are extremely busy and do not need another thing to add to their “to-do” lists. Therefore we have created a “To Be” list” composed of BLIPPs – easy, efficient, effective and excellent breathing tools that can be smoothly incorporated into everyday activities. BLIPPs are a way of integrating the body, mind and heart.

The Brain, the Breath & the Heart is developed to teach people of all ages how to seamlessly integrate optimal breathing into various routines or a variety of daily activities as a way of achieving the maximum amount of benefit – with the minimum amount of effort.

If you would like to schedule a course with instructor Laurie Ellis-Young, please email us at info@breathlogic.org.