BREATH IS LIFE and to breathe better is to live, work, and love better. In order to facilitate breathing better let us introduce our system of BLIPPs.

The “Big” BLIPPs: BreathLogic’s Integrated Practices Program

The “Big” BLIPPs focus on three main areas:

  • Mental health and medical (including elder care, palliative, hospice)
  • Education (K-University, teachers, leadership)
  • Business (corporations, humanitarian, nonprofit)

We tailor our BLIPP practices to the needs of organizations and individuals, providing:

  • Lunch ‘N Learns for quick, effective, inspired teaching for groups
  • Expanded experiential presentations of varied lengths to learn breathing techniques
  • Workshops and training experiences for management and staff for all types of diverse organizations and corporations
  • Train the trainer (generally three weeks to year-long trainings) to enable others to teach our techniques
  • Individual “optimal breathing” sessions
  • “The Five Tibetans” – a system of exercises for energy and rejuvenation

Little BLIPPs: simple yet powerful techniques for:

  • B = Breathing
  • L = Logically/Lovingly
  • I  = In
  • P = Purposeful/Peaceful/Pausitive
  • P = Presence

We call them BLIPPs because in “a blip in time” these better-breathing tools can reduce stress, calm the heart, and enhance presence, productivity and sleep. Our brain changes our breath, but by utilizing BLIPPs our breath changes our brain, thus promoting great overall well being.

Examples of BLIPPs training:

  • Techniques to bring the breath in the belly
  • Techniques to deepen the breath
  • Techniques to lengthen the exhalation
  • Techniques to relax body tension with the breath