Optimal Breathing

Our vision is to deliver optimal breathing methods to everyone who wants to learn. 

Over the years, Laurie Ellis-Young has been impassioned by how awareness of the breath and breath practices have transformed her own life and hundreds of thousands all over the globe. People in all walks of life are hungry for this knowledge. There is a modern science of breath that is substantiating the ancient science of breath by exploring and validating the vast healing potential of our human respiratory system.

Our aim is to educate about this science and teach a way to breathe and be that  will cultivate greater peace, harmony, health and well-being for everyone.

If we are not conscious of our breathing we tend to breathe in a way that is shallow, rapid and located in the upper chest. This manner of breathing is conducive to a more stressful, reactive, unhealthy and unconscious way of living. With awareness we can change and modulate our breath – and consciously empower and enhance every aspect of our life. Breathing then becomes a science and an art.

Regardless of our age, race, religion, gender, politics, strength or flexibility – we all breathe. What we do with our breath can seem so insignificant, but actually has monumental importance. Our breath affects and reflects our inner state. Inner peace leads to outer peace. Ultimately, being at peace, in our minds and with one another, we leave the “rat race” behind.

This is the most important state we can achieve as individuals.