NANCITApreferredbiophotoNancy Chakrin

Over the past five decades, Nancy has developed four inter-related award-winning careers: photography, graphic design, landscape painting & publishing along with marketing & public relations. While healing from breast cancer in 2000, she further cultivated her early interest in the arts and began to prolifically produce landscape oil paintings and later digital photography. Nancy has traveling landscape oil painting exhibits ”Healing Blue Waters” and photography exhibits “Yoga ON and OFF the Wall” in medical, wellness and education centers in the Upper Midwest. She was awarded a 2012-2013 Buckman Fellowship for Leadership in Philanthropy for her multi-lingual multicultural integrative medicine pilot study with Park Nicollet Health Services and Breathe The Change.

Nancy’s assignments have included photographing polar explorer Ann Bancroft; CNN’s David Gergen; Drs. Andrew Weil and Deepak Chopra and the 14th Dalai Lama. She is a member of the Midwest Arts in Healthcare Network, The Global Alliance for the Arts & Health and the Minnesota Holistic Nurses Assoc. She is a graduate from the University of Minnesota in Art Education.

Nancy lives in Minnetonka, Minnesota. “I hope that all of my work provides a tranquil response, ignites conversation and serves as a catalyst to encourage wellness practices.”