Nancy Chakrin

Nancy Chakrin’s life’s passion and purpose are giving and sharing her artistic and organizational talents to improve people’s lives. In 2017 she was one of AARP Minnesota’s “50 Over 50 Award” recipients honoring inspirational leaders over the age of 50 who are shattering myths about aging and writing their own rules.

A 2012 proposal partnering BreathLogic with Park Nicollet Health Service won Nancy a University of Minnesota Buckman “Leadership in Philanthropy” Fellowship. Recognizing stress as a personal impediment and a global epidemic, she researched statistics of how breath practices/mindfulness empower and heal. Experiencing this herself, she uses breath to lower her blood pressure, curtail panic, and decline dental anesthesia.

Now there is no stopping her utilizing her award-winning graphic design, photography, technology, marketing and PR skills to help share “Breath Literacy” with the world. As a joyful, dynamic extrovert, Nancy’s many talents and her abilities to foster friendships make her the driving, connecting and creative force within BreathLogic’s organization.

With great joy, her photography assignments have included images of polar explorer Ann Bancroft; David Gergen and Van Jones of CNN; Drs. Andrew Weil, Deepak Chopra, Dan Siegel, Jon Kabat-Zinn; and His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama – to name a few. She is a member of Horizon 100: Twin Cities Women of Accomplishment; Minnesota Holistic Nurses Association; Minnesota Holistic Medicine Group; Co-CreateX Catalyst team; Crosstown Camera Club; and the Kindness Movement USA. She is a graduate from the University of Minnesota in Art Education.

Nancy’s is a published author (purchase her book on Amazon), and her artwork appears in public and private collections nationally and internationally. She lives in Minnetonka, Minnesota.

“I hope that all of my work provides a tranquil response, ignites conversation and serves as a catalyst to encourage wellness practices.”